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From rock and rhythm & blues, to oldies, country and Latino music, this Little Rock based duo runs the gauntlet from one end of the musical spectrum to the other. Emphasis is on danceable material, although easy listening dinner music is easily accommodated. These two like to have fun and always encourage the crowd to join in their enthusiasm. Their music can be easily catered to special engagements such as wedding receptions, holiday parties and corporate events. If you are already planning a special event and are looking for professional musical entertainment at its best, fill out the booking form and your request will be answered promptly. And please be sure to check the RockUsaurus calendar to catch them soon at an establishment near you.

Brian Kinder has been performing for over 25 years. He began in the early 70's in a rock band with a 5 piece group. They specialized in all the best in 50's, 60's and 70's music. Brian's powerful voice covers many artists, form Van Morrison, Don Henley, Roy Orbison, and many others. Guitar and Harmonicas are Brian's insturments of choice. His rythems and harmonica leads are a big plus for a very versatile band. You will be thrilled at his performances. Brian is also known nationwide for his clever and catchy childrens songs.

Also visit Brian at: www.kindersongs.com
E-mail: Brian@kindersongs.com

Ron Jones began studying music at the age of 14 after getting a new guitar for Christmas. He was so enthusiastic about learning to play that he practiced for two hours every day when he got home from school. It took him a full month to learn his first song - "Louie, Louie" by the Kingsmen. He was extremely impressed with himself and went on to learn more great music from that era including songs from The Beatles, The Kinks, The Zombies, The Animals, etc. Within about six months, he and his brother became three-chord wonders and formed a four piece band, eventually becoming known as "The JFC Blues Band" in 1968. They stayed together for about five years until their lead guitar player was killed in a car crash. Ron strayed clear of the music business for several years after that and only began his interest again after learning to play a Hammond organ. In the early nineties the playing itch began to hit him again so he formed a five piece group. Over time Ron has cut the band down to a trio with occasional additions of artists and needed. Ron plays the Hammond, Drummer, and Bass duties for the band.

E-mail: ronjones7777@sbcglobal.net


Randy Carter Has been playing guitar for around 30 years, but never considered playing in a professional enviornment until about 2 years ago. He began playing in a few country bands on occasion, but had a yearning to play classic rock more than country. Randy joins RockUsaurus with a tremendous amount of talent.